Upcoming Interior Design Trends for 2021



Upcoming Interior Design Trends for 2021

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2020 was all about lessons and unnecessary surprises but as the year went by people showed once again that the human spirit can prevail no matter the situation or the conditions.

It has been a few weeks of 2021 and the people around the world are already trying their best to reclaim their lives and make the best of the opportunities at hand. On that note, one of the most important lessons that 2020 taught the global population is the importance of home.

With that stated, your home not only shields you from the outside world but also ensures that your family prevails all odds and comes out the other end. Hence, you should return the affection to your home by revamping its interior design. In case you are planning to do that, you would need to ensure that the interior of your home is on par with the design trends that will be popular this year.

The following sections shed light on some of them –

A home office will be a must-have amenity in homes

According to a revered interior designer in Pune, the trend of working from home became a norm for people since the last year. This year, people who will be hiring interior designers to revamp their homes will definitely ask the professional(s) to let their home have a dedicated office space.

Home offices have been a norm in western countries for a while but Indian homes are yet to adopt this amenity on a larger scale. This will change in 2021 as indoor spaces will be redesigned or rather re-assigned in a manner that people would not need to leave their homes if they want to work, have some quite-time or spend some time with their friends and colleagues.

Indoor green spaces will be a thing


2020 has been a traumatizing year for one and all. People had to stay indoors for extended periods. This is the reason why people in 2021 will be ensuring that their homes have green spaces inside their abode. This is the result of all the gardening skills people picked up when nations were under complete or partial lockdown.

Indoor green spaces could be anywhere between strategically places bonsais, live rock gardens or even a whole room dedicated to indoor plants. Ideas are plentiful and interior designers are all about opening up to the new demands of new-age clients.

Grey tones will be trending again


According to a renowned interior designer in Pune 2021 will be a year where one and all will be embracing grey tones in the décor of their homes and for the right reasons. Grey is a neutral colour that has a calming effect on the mind and leaves the overall ambient temperature of a home or a room relatively cooler during the summer days.

On top of this, grey acts as a bridge between elegance and modernity which is the reason why it will never go out of style. Furthermore, grey tones make a home more welcoming as well.


In case one wants to revamp their abode after getting inspired by any of the interior design trends mentioned in the sections above, one should hire a revered interior designing firm that has been in the sector for a while and comes highly recommended.

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