Here’s how the pandemic changed interior designing for good!



Here’s how the pandemic changed interior designing for good!

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People now want their homes to offer amenities that they previously thought were unnecessary. As per the opinion of a revered interior designer in Pune, this change in the thought process of people led to a substantial overhaul of the interior designing sector.

The changes that ensued are as follows –

Countertops will boast quartz as the primary material

Compared to marble and granite, the ability of quartz to keep microbes away is higher.


Well, marble and granite are natural stones which mean they have microscopic grooves in them. These grooves, with time, tend to become the breeding grounds for microbial life that will increase the chances of a person or persons getting sick due to diseases caused by microbes.

Quartz, on the other hand, is made artificially which is why it doesn’t have any forms of groove or fissures on its surface. Thus its ability to keep microbial growth at bay is higher compared to its natural surfacing materials.

This is the reason why modern homes will be having quartz countertops in their kitchens and bathrooms – as a simple yet effective way to keep microbes at bay.

A well-equipped work area of a fully-loaded office is a necessity now!


Back in the pre-pandemic days, having an office or a simple work area in a home used to be a luxury, not a necessity. That is not the case anymore. These days, interior designers often receive work orders that list an office in a home as a necessity.

On top of this, the advent of the pandemic also compelled interior designers to carefully design office spaces for homes that are properly ventilated, ergonomic, spacious and made the maximum use of natural light.

All of these aspects signify that what seems like a mandate today will be the new normal from tomorrow – yes, here we are talking about the ‘work from home’ trend which is well on its way to becoming the new normal even after the pandemic subsides.

More use of natural light and ventilation


Natural light and ventilation play a vital role in keeping the overall mental health of humans in their prime condition.

Natural light allows the circadian rhythm to remain normal which in turn allows a person to steer clear from insomnia and disorientation. On the other hand, natural ventilation allows more oxygen to enter a home thus ensuring proper air quality is maintained.

Current interior designers consider the above information which is why the latest interior designs consist of large windows and even the inclusion of dedicated ventilators to achieve the desired results.


It is evident by now that the interior designing trends have changed in a very short time no thanks to the pandemic. Revered interior designers are already coming up with new interior layouts that would allow people to lead their lives comfortably if and when another health crisis drives humankind to seek shelter inside their homes. In this context, in case you are looking for more information about how you can make your home feel more comfortable, be sure to seek assistance from a reputed interior designer today!

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